Are the Polaroids the original polaroid taken?

Yes. The polaroid you will receive is the only one that exists of its kind for sale. You will be purchasing a totally original piece of artwork.

Have the Polaroids been shot on original Polaroid film?

All the Polaroids were shot on Impossible Project i-Type film as these were created from 2015 - 2016 before Polaroid had re-bought the license from Impossible Project. Its the exact same film, it’s just renamed.

Do you duplicate any of the Polaroids?

None of the polaroids will be or have been duplicated. Occasionally there is more than one shot from the same arrangement that may be sold. even when there are different versions of the same image, there are differences that make each one totally unique.

Will there be new products?

Three new prints will be launched each month for a limited time only. Once the artist decides they want to stop selling them they will be labelled as sold out but remain in the gallery page.

How will my Polaroid be sent?

Polaroids will be sent in an archival sleeve to protect from damage. They will be shipped in a stiffened envelope and encased within two sheets of corrugated cardboard for maximum protection.

How will my Print be sent?

Prints will be sent in poster tubes and come wrapped in tissue paper.

The Prints say open edition, does this mean they will be available forever?

The prints will be available for as long as the artist(s) would like them on sale. That could range anywhere from a month to a year and they can be put back on sale from time to time when the artist(s) would like to open them back up to the market.